St-Martin/St-Maarten: a unique place to be



St-Martin/ St-Maarten is an island with multiple aspects. Not just touristic aspects. Most people come for one day and fall in love with it for ever. It is not just because of its beautiful beaches, casinos, stores etc. but because between the two nations (Ducth and French) living on this island there is a special love and acceptance that borned and that spreads to all who visit it or come to live on it.

 Having visited and lived in many others islands and countries I can say with surety that I have never seen another place where you see people and religions cohabit without wars and hatred. Furthermore maybe naively the first time I lived in France I could not get to understand why was there such of disrespect between French and Arabs. Having grown with people from different countries and different religions it was incomprehensible. St-Maarten is over 100 different nations on 37 square miles and many different religions (Catholics, Methodists, Muslims, Hindus  Buddhists etc…) still we never had any wars between us. Why? Because we learned to respect each others beliefs and origins even if we do not appreciate them, we still accept them.

However there is something I really hate which is to see people come and not respect the balance that exists by trying to impose their ideologies to our island, provoke hatred and disrespect its people. To those people I just feel like saying go away…Ciao ciao as the Italians say not to say other words from them. Lol :D.

As most countries and islands around the world, we are experiencing increasing crime rates but again, it’s always the same story: when industrialization and commerce start to flow so do crime rates. Everyone know that in big capitals as New-York, Paris, Berlin etc. as well as in smaller ones, everyday there are crimes and robberies etc. but still it does not stop us from wanting to visit or live in those places. So yes we do have problems but this does not stop St-Maarten from being the special island.

We have a mixed culture that is felt in our music, activities, architecture  spoken languages etc. Our history, beliefs and origins do not forcibly affect our opinion about people. So yes I love my island and I would not change it at all. I only hope to see it keep being one of the most best places to live for the next billion years to come.


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