The Sip n Chat night: continue or not?


The Sip ‘n chat Fridayz are an initiative of the Tourism Office of St-Martin and the Association des Hoteliers de St-Martin with the objective of animating the Waterfront in Marigot every Friday nights. Lately I read some comments and critics about it done by people who think it is crap or a pale copy of the Mardis de Grand-Case. I think we should not be so prejudiced. It is hardly starting! How do you just kill it before it is even well launched? There is no enterprise that starts perfect and nothing that is built without difficulties.

For what I understood about this event I think that saying it is a copy of Les Mardis de Grand-Case is wrong. It has probably been inspired by it but it is not the same. The Sip n’ Chat Fridayz are as for Les Mardis de Grand-Case to animate the town and permit people to discover the businesses but as a plus it is in the first place to make people discover our local specialities, arts and activities.

If I gathered it well they are trying to create a space within which people can choose between different spots in the area, the music they want to hear and the activities they wish to do. It is also an occasion for families to have a nice time with their children. Ok it is far from being perfect and it has a lot of road to do but I think that instead of us criticizing and always discouraging things before they get effective we should search and provide together better ideas. I mean after all imagine a space where you have restaurants with delicious foods and where you can say what you feel like for music without having to drive and simply having to take a walk and not a dead walk but one where you can discover new things and even do a mini-shopping if you want. Sometimes it is just nice to be able to do a step and have the impression of discovering a universe. Isn’t multiculturalism after all a piece of SXM? What if we could represent our island’s people as well as its mixed culture in one place and mostly in, Marigot, the capital of French SXM. I recognize that by many aspects it looks like Les Mardis de Grand-Case but as I said before if we want to make more differences we should propose better ways and not just criticize. Rome was not built in one day.Why not give your ideas to the organisers of this event ( i.e. the Tourism Office of St-Martin and the Association des Hoteliers de St-Martin ) to make it more unique? I think they would be happy to be able to adjust and provide something better next year.

As locals we should not just depend on others actions to make our businesses function we should take a full part in making things evolve and getting them better. This Friday is the last night for 2013’s edition, what about us coming out to see it and maybe starting to think about the after Sip n’chat nights? What activities and ideas the businesses around this area can provide to keep people wanting to visit this area which is, I remind, the capital of French SXM?

I don’t know for you but, to me, it should definitely go on. For a start it was not bad. It took time to attract people because it was not well known but it was an occasion for us to get familiar, if we are not yet, with what our island provides and an occasion to be involved in our island’s life. I think that next year there should be a greater advertising around this event as well as around Les Jeudis de La Marina Royale. It may be a big plus.



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