My SXM barbecue – the best worldwide! :D

Image(Here above Louis, probably the best barbecue man on this island.)

For having lived in several places i can say there is no barbecue as SXM own. I think it’s impossible to find two like ours. With our barbecue you can’t go home hungry. :p. I’m sure that those who already tasted it would agree with me. 😀

Before we start to cook any meat, chicken or fish we generally, of course as everyone else does, we clean them by taking off grease, feathers etc… but in plus we wash them with lemon, vinegar and hot water. Contrarily to many people St-Martiners do not only season their foods with salt, black peper and lemon, we use a lot of spices like oignons, garlics, parsley, different perpers (We have quite of a large range of those when we cook) etc.


In some places they put sweet oil over their chicken, ribs etc. before barbequing which make the food extremily black, smoky and dry but in SXM all we need for a perfect barbecue meal is a bottle of water with three little holes done with a fork to carry down the fire when it’s too high so the food would have a beautiful natural brown color and not be too dry nor smoky. Barbecue in SXM is art :D! Lol! I don’t know for you but a good barbecue is all I need to get me back into a sweet mood again! Have you ever tasted creole sauce? This is something to lick your fingers after :D. This sauce is made with onions  garlics, sweet oil, parsley, sweet peppers  hot pepper (optional), fresh lemon juice… Can’t tell you all! My mama does it very well for sure… 😛 😀 (I’m not sure I will ever be able to do it as she does… 🙂 ). I have seen some people put this sauce over rice or fries when they eat and it’s also tasty that way. Try grilled seafoods with this sauce and tell me after what you think about it… Here is a link where you can find it, the creole name for it is sauce chien bad luckily I didn’t find any English recipe for it.

Have a nice day everyone and if you are or will be in SXM, give it a try – you won’t regret it!

Hmm hmmm I have made my ownself hungry now 🙂 Lol!



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