SXM: One island -Let’s protect it!


When I think Dutch SXM I think shopping, activity, tourism, fun and, of course, planes. The Dutch side of SXM has always been for me the center of activity of St-Maarten. It gives the feeling of a place that never sleeps and where you can always expect some fun. As a French citizen of St-Martin I always thought of the Dutch side as a place with a serious and effective government though the recent scandals having to do with corruption my opinion did not change. However, even if the Dutch side represents all of that to me, French St-Maarten will always remain my favorite. It is to me the quietest part of St-Maarten. It is a place where you can relax and forget about stress. When I think about it I think restaurants of all ranges and prices, Caribbean delicacies and flavors, beautiful and peaceful beaches, and mostly about the natural part of it.

Sometimes I hope to never see the French side lose its peaceful charm. I hope to see us all protect nature and favor it in all possible ways. Something I never want to see on the French side is the massive growth of hotel and resorts buildings that are purely touristic and for whose designers, owners do not forcibly think about the necessity for those structures to integrate to the natural beauty of the place so to preserve it. Do not mistake me: I am not against hotels and resorts. They are necessary but I think that when we build too many of them and exclusively for the profit, it makes the place lose some of its charm and end up looking like a fake scenery or better lose a little piece of its identity. I do believe that French SXM needs to regain activity and attractiveness but not archaically without thinking about preserving nature both the fauna and the flora. I admire Sint-Maarten for its effort to preserve its history – bad luckily on the French side we do not do this enough. It’s not too late to fight for nature and as a matter of a fact it is something that already started, the only missing part is for the population to take a greater part to this preservation and that the government would implement laws that would be enough dissuasive for people not to destroy nature. We are far too permissive on the French side by certain aspects and too strict by others.

St-Maarten is an island with multiple facets and actually I am proud of it and I would not change it but happens that I think that we should not forcibly separate environmental protection from development. They both work together. If you don’t preserve your environment you destroy what makes you work and live every day. On the short term it is always super but on the long run it’s always a question mark. So I will just end up saying we have to preserve what God gave us. If we can’t we will destroy it and lose it. I think I will stop writing now or I will do a book 😀 . Tell me what is your opinion about it. I may be wrong in my way of thinking so I’d be happy to hear what others have to say.

Have a nice day everyone!


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