Please protect my little paradise!


How many more will we see? How many times will we wake up shocked in the morning? St-Maarten is not a cowboy town. It is time for us to wake up and finally start to act against this phenomenon. It is just so scandalous to see this little paradise being destroyed by some individuals that are either totally stupid or either have no sense of reality. Ok many people will say we do not have to complain we still do not have the crimes and problems that other islands face but I think it is over time that we would react. Standstill is better than beg pardon isn’t it what we always say here? It is still hard to see a twenty year old die without a real reason. Whether we are a family, a friend or a stranger it still affects us one way or the other. So I think it is over time that we would correct those problems before it gets too late. Both the parents and the education system have a role to play because education starts at home and gets perfect at school.

I’m only 22 years old but I can guaranty you that if one day I had even just fought with another person for a reason that was not valid to my parents, they would have given me the correction of my life and who would have ever said not to or call the police, no one or they would get their share also lol :D. I will point out a difference between correction and mistreating a child here. As my parents always said, which I do agree with, beating a child out of rage is not a correction because from that you learn nothing else but fear and anger; It is more mistreating and harming a child. I can remember when my big brother was a teenager he started to follow some bad friends and my mom would speak but you would never make her repeat at all. My mom knew exactly the time we came out of school and when we would reach home even if it was 30 minutes late you had to have a good explanation because the first question was « where were you? » and if you ever tried to lie and she found out you lied hmmm the reaction was immediate she would ask you back the question and if you did lie again you got a slap that you never wanted to do it anymore. She was always extremely smooth with us even spoiling us by certain points but in no way could we ever disrespect her, my dad or anyone else. Good morning was an obligation if you did not tell someone good morning and she knew it you would get it and then you’d say good morning every day rather you liked it or not. One day when I was eight my mom bought pizza everyone ate including myself and my mom had put aside a piece for one of her employees and instead of leaving that piece as she said I waited for her to go do something and went to the kitchen and ate it. When the employee came for her pizza, pizza was gone so my mom asked me where is it. I said I don’t know she asked it 3 times bad luckily what I didn’t know was that I had messed up my white shirt while eating it and waaaw that third lie was the final one. I can remember that correction as it was yesterday. She said «  if you thief things today what won’t you do tomorrow? I don’t want no little thieves in my family! » and I can tell you I cried because of those words yeah but I never ever did it again. My big brother was on a bad road: he did all my mom hated and got double and triple corrections for them but what is sure is that today he is a man. Everyday before going to work the first person he comes to see is my mom and we all respect and take care of her and my dad. Even as men and women we would never disrespect them. Absolutely none of us have ever seen a prison cell or got problems with justice. This is correction. We could not complain about our teachers. No way. And you had to make sure your teachers had no complains to do about you. I think that if each parents would take in hand doing this with their children from young and not always hiding for them we would be able to avoid some dramas. Not all are avoidable but some are. If my mom or dad had to learn some day I was implicated in anything that had to do with weapons, they would not look to see if I am an adult or not they would still come after me. If it took them ten of screaming at me, they would do it. If this meant braking all contacts for me to realize, they would do it and if they saw my case is extremely bad they would not hesitate to turn me out to the police.

It is surely painful to have to take some decision pertaining to children but there is a time when too much is too much. It is still far better to see children alive than dead. And what is the name you can put on a parent that lost a child even if accidentally none so we have to act in order to keep them alive. I think we need a huge consciousness-raising campaigns to be done in and out of schools. Too many young people die rather on the road or elsewhere. I am 22 with many nephews and nieces I would like them to grow in a safe island as I did and mostly I would like to be able to see them reach 20 then 30 and then 100 and more if possible and SAFELY.


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