SXM Butterfly Season

One of my favorite times of the year is the end of October month. I guess your first question will be why this particular time of the year? My first answer is because it is one of the most peaceful seasons but the real reason is because it is the only time of the year where you can fully enjoy butterflies presence in the nature. At that time of the year, we have a great amount of white butterflies. Generally, they are so many that they cover most trees and plants and look like little flowers on them. They even form beautiful white beds of butterflies in the middle of some roads and force us to have to walk or roll over them. They cover the floor, fly around you and are just so playful and fragile that, for a moment, you feel as if you are back to childhood. Then at night you have the crickets’ concert for a peaceful and relaxed evening :D. When I was a child, we also had some flying little lightening insects at night in my parents’ garden. I really cannot say if they still exist. I must admit I do not have much time to observe if they are still there or not. Perhaps someone here may be able to tell us if they have seen any recently?


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