Time to move…


We should never only look at the obstacles to our problems. By only focusing on them we can never achieve anything. One of my closest friends says if you do not think about the problem you cannot solve it. I think he is right but i also think that if we only think about the problems we cannot see the things that surround them and we cannot bypass them. Sometimes what we think is a problem is not really one so we have to be able to watch it from further to move forward. At a some point we have to just try. If we don’t ever try it’s simply that we accept to fail. I just happen to hate the word problem because for me by considering something as a problem we already accept to leave it block us and stop us from staying positive. You know the saying ” where there is a will, there is a way“? I firmly believe this: if you really want something you will give 100% of yourself for it. If you don’t, you will leave it slip out your hands at the first occasion. I hate to fail so to me a failure is never really a failure, it is just something that permits to see that you had something wrong and that permits you to build back stronger and on better foundations.  Having a will is a great strength and seeing the results is a paradise. I conceive life as an adventure: we cannot live the whole time only thinking about problems and troubles or we’ll never achieve anything and we’ll miss out on a lot. We’ll remain blocked at a point without being able to see further. I think all the people who succeeded in life have taken a risk at a time or the other. Let’s not just freak out and be afraid of everything, we have to try and see what is the result. Tears are for a minute but life goes on. Life is not easy and God never said your journey would be without problems and peaceful. So let’s live our life, set our cap and fight to reach it…

You must wonder what is the point of this blablabla. In fact, I spoke recently with a person who has a little business. It was about the fact that they wanted to change their business orientation or at least improve it so it could be more competitive because it is not working well and so they wanted new ideas to go on but when we did propose ideas the first answer that came each time was ” it’s a good idea but…” pffff. It was so much that i became allergic to those words. How do you put a “but” without trying and mostly without really thinking about the feasibility? I firmly think that in all things you have to remain positive and mostly you have to start somewhere – if you don’t you cannot say it will not work. I think one of our problems on this little island is exactly that we focus too often on unimportant things and not enough on what needs to be changed. This is not just in our little businesses but at nearly all levels our little society. Tell me what do you think about it? Maybe i am having a too simplistic way of thinking… But i just hate when we make things more impossible than they really are.

Have a great day everyone!Image


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