Luxury real estate project for Nettle bay


Just a literal translation of an article of yesterday’s St-Martin’s Week newspaper concerning a luxury residence “Sandy bay” that should be built at Nettle Bay but that is blocked because of urbanization rules. I have no real opinion about it because we do not know all but i think that if there are risks it is normal that the authorities have to be careful and take time to check it out even if some may not be happy and i think also that you cannot just make the urbanization change their rules only for one project without taken into account the risks. If any God given event had to happen the first that would be blamed is the Collectivity for accepting that area to be built. I think what bothers me the most about this article is that i think there is too much personal interest in this article. It is not neutral at all «  my dear friend because it is you i’ll defend your project. » Anyhow here is the translation. Please feel free to give us your opinion.


It is on the initiative of Norbert Luftman, boss of Sindextour and author since twenty years of big achievements in Orient Bay, that this project could become a reality as soon as simple modification of the urban planning policy would allow an intelligent construction on several levels. Indeed, considering the price of the land, no economic balance is possible for a constructor if the surfaces are not optimized by taking height. It is therefore imperative to change the rules of constructibility to pass from R+1 to R+4 or R+5 as here on the coastal region of Nettle bay.

So to achieve this, the problem was refered to the Collectivity and the prefecture several months ago and, though a specialized research unit seems to work on the case, time presses because so far, no final decision was taken and the investors may, once more, take their plans elsewhere… as on the Dutch side where rules are more adapted. The ball is from now on in the hands of the authorities which have to decide if we remain in “an obsolet conception of town planning or if we want to pass to a truly founding and innovative town planning that generates jobs and creates touristic development.


The study of feasibility which has many worldwide references was entrusted to Xavier Bohl, an architectural office particularly specialized in this domain and which intervened in the realization of the Orient Bay village several years ago. This study’s aim is thinking of a touristic property program permitting to showcase the site and the revegetation of the plots as the illustrations of plan testify it . Let us bet on the recognition of the importance of this project by authorities, so that finally a nice realization could be done on our territory.


The ” Sandy Bay ” project is situated according to the land registry on the plots AB 336, 338, 340 and AC 57 and 322. They cover a surface of more than 2,5 hectares. 
The land is situated on the sandy cordon between Simpson Bay’s lagoon and the Caribbean Sea, connecting Marigot to Low-land on the West of the Island of Saint-Martin.

Its limits are: in the North the beach, in the South the main road, on the West the brownfields of the ” Belle Creole “. On the Eastern side, the site is in immediate continuity of a strongly urbanized zone, with a touristic character. 
You acces the site directly from the departmental road 208, Sandy Ground road, in the center of the plot. 
This access allows to go to the beach as well as to go to both beach restaurants “Le Shore” and “Le Sand”, present on the Northern part of the plots of land AB 65 and AC 55. 
At the limit of the shore, the site offers a wide panorama on the bay. 
After the clearance of the land, the ground got wide swaths and breakthroughs alternated by groves characterising the vegetation of the littoral zones. 
The strongly deteriorated vegetation cover welcomes many ubiquitous species. 
You find many tamarind and acacias trees, some palm trees and pear trees, as well as certain protected species. 
The ground consists of white shell-filled sand. 
You can observe some mouvements of land, certainly connected to the grips of sand, but the site does not present any steep slope.


The project concerns the realization of 38 luxury apartments and a landscape garden.
The access to the site will remain unchanged and will be made from the RD 208, offering a prospect on the sea. A little reception zone will permit the public to reach the parking lot serving the beach and its restaurants, and will permit the pedestrians to reach directly the beach and to the residents to go to their accommodation. 
Apartments will be distributed in six buildings of 3 to 5 floors, exceptionally in one point of 8 floors, so to limit the footprint and favor green spaces. 
The first level of every building is intended to welcome the residents’ car parks. Every floor will be shared by two apartments, offering generous volumes, a natural illumination and an exceptional view on the sea. 
The last floor will be completely dedicated to penthouses. 
Those luxurious apartments with generous surfaces and volumes, are destined to rich people.
Two other low buildings will welcome the reception, the general services as well as a business. The residence will benefit of a reception, a clubhouse and aquatic spaces: the one opened on the sea, the other one shielded from the prevailing wind. 
The residential buildings will be established along an artificial stream in a novice closed cycle in the Southeast angle of the land and finishing in an ornamental naturalized lake. 
The architecture will be inspired by Saint-Martin’s architecture. 
Its apartments will benefit of wide exterior spaces generally covered as verandah, with some solariums. 
Apartments will take advantage of a triple orientation and a clear view on Nettle Bay. The roofs will be in wooden shingles of grey color. 
Lifelines will be painted with varied ornamental motifs. 
Facades will be generally barded by wink wood, ornamented by friezes, zapatos, trellises, valances… 
The polychromy will be the Caribbean one, joyful and elegant. 
A particular care will be brought to the landscaping. 
The open spaces will be fitted out in gardens and ornamental water points with a landscaped quality treatment. The preservation of some groves and the choice of remarkable varieties will permit the revegetation of the wide uncultivated plots. 
The low retaining walls structure of the green spaces will be done with rocks, the walkways and bridges will be in wood.



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