Natural herbs and remedies: an heritage being lost in SXM


You know something i would love to see done one day (maybe one day i may do it if it’s not yet done) is having all the natural remedies we have in SXM and clues for agriculture published in a book. When I was a child i rarely went to the doctor. For me to go there, it really had to be either terrible either that no one had something help. Most people knew what the different herbs served for. But i’m not sure that this is not something that is being lost now. I see an herb and for me it is either just a plant either just grass while this would be for my parents a tea, a teasan or something to cure some kind of sickness. I really find this terrible that we lose this heritage. I am incapable to advise people on natural remedies as my parents and the oldest people of this island do. I hardly can even tell the names or recognize plants and i find this terrible. I noticed this one day while cleaning the yard with my mom. I was about to pull up what i considered as a useless plant and there she told me not to do it because it was good, if i am mistaking, to lower high blood pressure. Bad luckily i have no picture of it. In fact i just think that it is a shame for us to lose it. I have learned little things with my parents but I doubt that my little bro and my nephews would have the chance to learn a little piece of what i learned and that’s so bad. Now i’ll change the subject… 

Have you ever drunk a tea in SXM? I mean a real St-Maarten tea? Not made with a tea bag but one made with tea bush picked at home? Well if you haven’t, i think you should try it one day. It’s delightful. In SXM we have many different teas and teasans made with all kinds of plants. Sometimes we mix them and it is just soooooo good :D. Some people say coffee is the bomb but my too my SXM tea is the climax lol :D. No, in fact it is really good. In plus of being tasty they have different health benefits (yes so does coffee for my coffee addicts :p). According to what we have some teas prevail over others or sometimes instead of being a tea we drink a teasan which generally is sour and disgusting but has a more immediate and powerful effect on health. I personally always hated teasans but when you are really not good there is nothing better as long as you know which plants to take. You cannot just say you will use any one of them because for instance some regulate blood pressure and diabetes but others can either make everything drop or make everything increase drastically so you really have to know which to use and how to use it. However for the teas you need not to worry about that last point furthermore after you have drinked one of our homemade teas i doubt you will ever feel like drinking any tea bags anymore :p lol :D. One of my Italian friends said one day capsule coffee is like dirty socks soaked in water well i will say this would be close to my description for  tea bags. To me, there is no taste to me but okay, as the French people say “Les goûts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas” tastes and colors cannot be discussed. 

Have a great day everyone and if you do go one day to SXM do not hesitate to ask for a homemade SXM tea! :D. 



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