French SXM when will you stop thinking backward?

lady liberty

Today is the 27th of May, the celebration of the abolition of slavery for some French islands including St-Martin and I am seeing that in 2013 some people are trying to do stupid debates over if the abolition of slavery was or not on the 27th of May for French SXM. What will it change if the abolition was the 27th of May or the 16th June? Will it make the pain of our ancestors less or more? No right. If you can give us the exact date of the abolition then I’ll say super, let us celebrate on that day but until then I’m not seeing the point. Now if people complain about the fact that the abolition is not celebrated as respectfully and joyfully as it should I will say I fully agree but in the measure where we hardly even teach our children that once upon a time there was slavery in Saint-Martin, I don’t see how it is possible.

Slavery was a fact. Many islands of the Caribbean have fought to preserve or even recover their history while us in St-Martin we just relax and leave others do it for us. If we want it to be done better let’s do it but if we do not, let’s shut up and stay home because thing will change that way (big lol). Sometimes it makes me so angry to see our attitudes towards some things. We have many problems in our little SXM but it’s not by being narrow-minded and criticizing everything that we will make it change. Physical slavery is over for close to 200 years but mentally I think we still have chains in our minds. “People have done this to SXM, people have done that to SXM” but don’t you think there is a time we have to ask ourselves what is our responsibility inside of all of this? Because if I think well it is well the generation of those whom are aged today between 40 and 70 that have left things get so out of hand today (I know many won’t agree but it’s fact). So come on let’s just stop criticizing and start thinking about what we can do to give back life and history to this island.

I admit that we have a certain amount of people that come from their countries still thinking that when they are in the Caribbean they are inside of colonies but until we change our own way of seeing ourselves we won’t be able to demand respect from those people. I do not defend such *** because as i always say if you cannot respect people in their country then you should just go back to your country and stop harassing the world and this goes for all.  I just happen to think that we have a huge flaw in our mentalities and in the construction of our society. Time to stop thinking backward you never see river water go back up a mountain it keeps running down the only thing that may change is what it contains and the directions it takes so does life. If we don’t decide to force things to change they won’t change. It is not by saying that I will not take part to the day’s event that we make it improve or we fight to make our history known. We have to move and take part to our island as citizens of SXM. Far from me the idea of revolution, time has changed. But I think that Saint-Martin has many clever men and women and I think it is time for us to stop putting down our own people for others. Do you ever see an Italian or a French person accept others to criticize their people? I never saw it you’ll generally hear them criticize their compatriots but never would they accept you to do it in their place. This is unity though all they may reproach them.  Here, all we have is division. We all believe in God in SXM so we should know the word that says a house divided against itself cannot subsist. Well it is the same for SXM. No great battle was ever won without unity. We cannot win the battle for our history and our culture if we are so divided.

I don’t know if it changed now but one of my biggest reproaches (I do have some :p ) to our system is well the fact that we never teach our history to our children at school. All French islands take at least two weeks in the year to teach this even if slavery is hardly spoken about in French books. It is like a piece of history that is cut out of the book. Anyhow I did not learn my Saint-Martin history at school nor at home. In fact I learnt Guadeloupe history, not mine. I learnt mine on my own initiative because I was curious to know what really happened in SXM. Before that I was not even convinced that we ever had slavery. For me the friendly island had always been a free home to everyone black or white even back then. So you see our biggest flaw is within our education system because we do not have the will nor the patience to teach our children what is not written in our books.

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