Magallie Walwyn Gibbs: our gymnastic champion!

Hi everyone !  First I want to apologize for not updating this blog during one very long month. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do it where I was.

After Sarena Carty, our athletism champion (whom i congratulate again also), St-Martin has been endowed with a new champion, this time in gymnastics: Magallie Walwyn Gibbs. Congrats to you girl! Wishing you many more victories to come and to keep making us proud St-Martiners!


I also want to big up the Collectivity of Saint-Martin and all the enterprises and organizations that support our local champions by encouraging them (like big stars :D) to go forward. We really need people like you guys to push our young people forward, to help them to want to bypass themselves and encourage others to want to do the same or better.  Young and old, I think we should always support each other and keep this work going. So roulo bravo as people say in Guadeloupe! 


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