Funny Joe


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Hi everyone!

Today i’ll just tell you a story that my dad used to tell us when we were children. I don’t know how true it is or if it was only his invention to make us laugh at night. So here it is:

A very long time ago, there was a young man of 15 years named Joe. He lived in St-James (Marigot). One day his mom sent him out to do something and told him to make sure be back before sunset. The boy took his time and before he could realize, night started falling. So the boy decided to walk through Bellevue’s pasture to make it home on time. But  before he got half the way, it was dark. Back in those days there weren’t many lights as there are now in St-Martin/St-Maarten so he guided himself with the moon that was rising.  All of a sudden he heard shwit shwit shwit. He stopped, looked around and didn’t see nothing so he started back walking. Then he heard shwit shwit shwit again, he looked around again and saw nothing. The boy started to get frightened because at that time many ghost stories were told and some were true. He started to walk faster and there he heard the noise getting stronger. “Oh my God, he said, zombies are following me” so he started to run as fast as he could but still he couldn’t distance the thing. It seemed to be near him and still he could not tell what it was. Panicked, he told himself he would not make it home before getting killed but then he saw the light of his home and ran even faster until he reached into it like a crazy man. His mom came out her room and asked “ what happen to ye Joe?” The boy dropped to the floor, leaned against a wall then answered tears in his eyes and happy to be home “mama something was running at me”. So his mom asked “what was it?” “He answered I don’t know, I couldn’t see it”. His mom saw he was looking so frightened that she even forgot about getting angry at him for coming back . However she told him gently: “That gon teach you to come home on time next time”. Then told him to go change himself but as the boy started walking again he heard the same noise and started running and crying  “you see, you see, you can hear it is still following me maaamaaa.” When he came back running towards his mom she knocked him by lifting a hand then said you fool you! You’n see it’s your jeans making that noise!”.


I hope I managed to write it as good as he said it and that you appreciated it! Have a great day or night everyone!


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