Poem by Melissa Fleming

What has the emancipated woman taught me…she’s still not comfortable in her own skin, body and self

She has yet to identify with who she is trying to aspire to be

When she looks into her mother’s mother eyes all she sees is a history of suppression

Blanketed by the teachings of oppressors

Yet she accepts these as her daily religion

Never questioning

Who do these beliefs represent?

She is always searching in the distance of her mind

Comparing herself to a norm not of her own

Shaping her life around the falseness that she has been born to

Sinking more into the nothingness slated to her way before her debut

Now looking into eyes that are lost, confused, abused and misconstrued

How does she free herself from this ignorance of control?

How does she unwrap herself from the mindset of “my body doesn’t look right, my hair is to nappy”?

How does she escape not being a stereo-type, a walking baby factory, a black man’s cross?

Never giving the chance to be free, to be loved, touched, courted the right way

Always being the other

When can she say here i am

Accept me

Embrace me

I am a natural empress

A natural earthy woman

Strong intelligent woman

I am a sista

Love me, hold me

I know who i am


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