Some hidden aspects of SXM

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St-Martin/St-Maarten is a beautiful island but everyone knows that behind nearly everything there’s something darker hidden. Well today, I will speak about the increasing violence on my island after all I can’t always only speak about the good points :).

There are some facts that shock me every time I see or read them – they make me want to scream and ask what’s up in SXM? Is it that us, young and old people (because contrarily to what many say it is not just the young ones) are becoming stupid? Are we just so dumb to keep doing follow faction without realizing we are killing our island, our people, ourselves? Man, it makes me angry when I open the newspaper and read there was a attempted murder because of money, drugs or a dumb conflict. Have we fell so low? Jeez sometimes I wonder where is the island I was raised in?  The island where people used to  come together and where parents and people of the towns used to fight as one to raise children? Where are the people who used to be enough concerned to speak to others and bring them back into their right minds? Some things are pitiful. We kill for drugs, money and by hatred. But you know what? The worst is that you will go to prison, you will destroy your family, lose those who love you and all of that for crap! What will you do then? Tell the money bring them back? Force them to love you and recognize you as the real person you are? Well my dear, it’s either you’re a dreamer or a fool because once you’re down that pit there is no return. We live on a little island hardly the size of a village and news go fast. When you give yourself such an id, it’ll remain stick to you and your family lifelong. If you don’t care for yourself, care for those who love you. If you don’t care for anyone well I feel like saying find something to do or pack yourself away. Man there are many things to do. Everything is not gangster this gangster that nor beautiful and sexy this or that. What will you say? You are fashion? I will say you are trashion. What is fashion if it is getting yourself or someone killed or steeling from someone? What does it bring you and where does it take you?. You will steal a bag or a tv what will it bring you more? Reputation? Make people afraid of you. No. Just bring people to be allergic to you and say what an “as…”.

Beautiful girls we have many and very sexy ones  but as some facebook images show it so well sexy is not always classy nor respectful. A man will say “I love you” but how many really believe it. Don’t get me wrong, there are some that are serious but some only want to have a way and when that way is passed don’t be surprised to hear the next words that start generally by “B” and that you won’t forcibly like. Leave them call you an idiot or a snob but at least you know what you are worth. When bad words come it’s frustration speaking but you know who you are. I am just like you just 22 years but for seeing this happen to so many, I can say it’s just disgusting and shameful to see this happen to good people. Don’t be no fool move up and stand for yourself. As much as I think a man doesn’t need to look gangsterish or to have a fortune to be a real man as much I think that a girl doesn’t need to sell her body to be sexy and to be a woman. A person told me recently a woman’s beauty is in the features of her body and I replied a woman’s beauty is her character and the way she presents herself.  Wrong or right maybe I am but I think that even the flattest, the most meager, the fastest  women are beautiful as long as they are capable of showing they have character and assume themselves as women. If we don’t respect our bodies and ourselves who will? If we don’t respect ourselves and make others respect us, man or woman, who will? Good question. Remains to see the answer.

PS: I am not a perfect person I love to be sexy and to see admiration in people’s  eyes as most women do but I love respect more. Not all compliments are really compliments and hardly encouragements. We have to be careful with what we want people to see and what we actually show. Boys like girls and men like women. Though all i have written above I will always love my island and its people, MY people, however i think it is over time to wake up and react to this spiral that threatens to swallow us.



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