SXM foods

Hello everyone!

Today i’m just giving you a list of a few local foods. I am not a good cook but like most women i love to eat good stuff :p :D. Here’s the list hope you’ll appreciate it! If you have things to add or to remove name them. I’ll be happy to hear what you have to say.


  • Johnny cakes
  • Paté with chicken, salt fish etc. (see pic. Copyright
  • Dumplings and chicken soup
  • Peas soup
  • Pig foot soup
  • Cornmeal and boil fish
  • Coconut dumplings and fish
  • Wilks soup (Sorry if it is a bad spelling, i haven’t found the right one)
  • Crab rice
  • Potatoe salad
  • Callaloo rice
  • Spinach rice
  • Salt fish and provisions
  • Grill / bbq fish, chicken, ribs, conch, shrimp, lobster
  • Scallop potatoes


We also have a set of porridges:

  • Plantain porridge
  • Oatmeal porridge
  • Cornmeal porridge
  • Arrut poridge (I’m not too sure of the spelling of this word either)
  • Rice porridge


Image copyright

As for desserts we have:

  • Pinneaple cake
  • Banana cake
  • Coconut tarts ( absolutly delicious)
  • Coconut cake etc.

In my family breakfast is with salad (generally cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes), bread/jonnhy cakes, eggs/fish, fruits from the garden accompanied with homemade tea made with lime leaves/ menthe/ Cinnamon/ soursop leaves / menthe / basilica leaves etc. Indeed a full breakfast then you are not hungry before night. 🙂 Thinking about it is a wonder that i’m still skinny :D. But when we had no time for such big breakfast it would be just a few johnny cakes with cheese/chicken/ham… Johnny cakes are like bread just a different taste and form but you stuff it the same way as would do with a regular bread or you can eat it plain.  It could also be patés which are practical because they are already stuffed before they cook so easier to take away.

Have a nice day everyone! And if you are in SXM or are going to it, don’t forget to ask for a few of those meal. If you can’t find where to get it, i’ll be glad to recommend you a few places. Cheers! 


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