November 11: SXM day!

The 11 of November 1648 Christopher Colombus discovered St-Martin or should i say “Soualiga” as it was named first by the Arawaks. Each year we celebrate that date. However this year instead of pure festivity, it will be the occasion for all those who live, love or are born in St-Martin to manifest against the economical and social crisis that is affecting our island and destroying it every day more. Enough is enough! This symbolical day is, to me, even a stronger way to say “we love St-Martin and we won’t accept our island to be destroyed without fighting for it” so if you love St-Martin, show your support by coming to the 10 000 men March or if you are not in SXM just post a word of encouragement to support all those who are fighting against this terrible situation. Remember the appointment is next week Friday at 9 am!

Have a nice and blessed week you all!



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