The immigration and prejudices in SXM


Today’s subject had to be about pollution in SXM. But I have changed my mind. Recently I have been hearing many words from SXMers blaming only the immigrants for the situation we are living on our island.

For insecurity we say it’s the Dominicans, Haitians, Jamaicans etc. For the economical situation we say it is the immigrants that come to take the money. But my question today is: what have you done as a St-Martiner today to make sure the economy would get better? What have you done today as a St-Martiner to insure that insecurity would stop increasing? What have you done as a St-Martiner for the island to remain clean and to stop pollution? Did you wake up this morning and think of something we can do new?

Well I doubt it. Why because the biggest problem we have in SXM is that instead of thinking as a “we” it is a question of I. As long as people are not walking on our toes, everything is alright but when we are personally touched we react.

We say the immigration is the cause of our problems. I think it is only a little part of the problem. We shouldn’t start to think and act like some people I don’t care to mention. We have to change our mentalities and actions.

Yes we are a friendly people and a friendly island. But I think it is overtime that we would wake up and stop leaving people and ourselves make friendly song like stupid. You are not happy that every business in SXM is owned by an Indian, an European or someone else. Well get up and work so that the next creation will be yours and not someone else’s. We got to move and stop talking. If you’re talking just to make wind with your lips, it’s not making sense unless your wind is so strong that they can hear it all over and change things.

We talking about we losing our identity. Yes I agree but we should stop pretending that it is new. We are the cause of that situation and not others. How many teachers and parents ever teach their children SXM history or our culture?  Let’s stop being hypocrite because those who do it are very few. Dutch St-Maarten fights to preserve it.  Why is it impossible for French St-Martin? My father always says where there is a will there is a way. Well I think he is right and that if we want to get things to change we have to first stop blaming others for our mistakes so we could see the way out of this situation. St-Martiners are not only those that borned there, they are also those who care and love the island and its people. Many of us SXM-born people are only from there on the papers and not in our hearts because some of us have no love for our people or our island. It’s a shame to say it, but sometimes people from away love our island more than we do. They fight battles for our island that should be ours to do as St-Martiners. So let’s stop pretending and question ourselves first.

Now about our politicians. Everybody know politicians are liars and the only time they ever act is when there is a real movement of the population but unfortunately us in SXM, we love to complain in our corners or among our friends. Our people and friends say go forward I will support you and back you up but when the day comes to manifest well by miracle everyone disappear. That’s us SXMers and that’s our problem. We take back the biblical words a house that is divided cannot stand and still we are divided. Unity is a strength.

A part of our culture in SXM is being able to live with other nations and we are lucky for this. I think we should not leave narrow-minded thoughts destroy who we are or what we have. If you feel that it is causing insecurity and destroying our identity, I think there are ways that are far more effective to get things changed than by only blaming others.  We sleep all year long except when it comes to partying. We got to wake up finally and think together. Let’s try to put our individual ideas together and gather as one. Let’s see what we get from it for sure it can’t be worst than everybody in their corner.

I don’t know what you think about it but this is my opinion. But my mind is open for any different opinion. For all those who think it is only racism well i will say this is a general protectionist reaction that people have when they feel they are being overwhelmed. We have it now in SXM but it exists in all countries and we have to fight it now before it really gets out of hand. To me that’s the way racism borns so we have to fight that tendency before it gets out of hand.  


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